About Us  



We are a small, family owned and operated business in San Antonio, TX. 



20 years experience in management and marketing.


Solutions Designer

30 years experience designing, developing, and managing custom multimedia, digital video, online media, and e-Learning projects.


Instructional Designer/Quality Assurance

15 years experience performing instructional design and quality assurance management  for government and nuclear energy industry.


Multimedia Production

5 years experience producing multimedia solutions.


Usability Testing

3 years experience playing video games too complicated for rest of family to learn.


"Poddler*" Testing

2 years experience playing/learning with iPod/iPod Touch.


"Poddler* Baby" Testing

3 months experience tapping baby apps on iPod Touch.


Other Technical/Management Expertise and Production Assistance

We've been developing multimedia in San Antonio since 1988. We have numerous friends, business associates, partners, former co-workers and clients, professional colleagues and sub-contractors who will expand our team as necessary to deliver a cost-effective solution that meets all requirements.



+ Friends, business associates, partners, and sub-contractors. 



* Coming soon: www.poddlers.com - educational games for iPod Touch & mobile phones - for ages 8 months to 12 years.