Conversion of DVD videos to online training

A client came to us with dozens of training DVDs to convert to an online solution. After discussing requirements, we proposed an overlapping, phased approach.  In Phase 1, we converted the highest-prioity 20 hours of DVD video to SCORM-compliant e-Learning, and trained the client on how to incoporate other supporting materials (e.g. PDF, DOC, and PPT files). We also converted the video for access by iPod Touch and iPhone. In future phases, we will convert additional DVDs, and convert the online solution into 7 different foreign languages.



Conversion of Articulate Presenter training for mobile devices

A client already had published Articulate Presenter presentations for online access, and now wanted to add accessibility by mobile devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, PocketPC, etc.).  We developed a streamlined process for converting their Articulate Presenter source files for mobile-devices which allowed us to lower our conversion costs significantly.



Conversion of online mobile training to SCORM compliance

A client already had online eMedia compatible with mobile devices, but wanted to add SCORM compliance for complete user tracking.  Further, the client wanted a single link for each lesson, with the system combining tracking data regardless of the device being used at the time (a single SCO supporting multiple devices). We modified our mobile SCORM templates and developed an optimized process for adding this capability to the existing mobile version.



Customization of Articulate Presenter/Engage/Quizmaker templates

A client was having problems when SCORM modules produced by Articulate were accessed via older web browsers (e.g. IE6 and IE7). We modified the Articulate templates so the published modules would auto-detect the user's browser, and auto-correct the problems.



Installation/customization of MOODLE Learning Management System (LMS)

A client wanted help selecting, installing, and customizing a cost-effective Learning Management System (LMS).  After discussing requirements, we recommended the free MOODLE open-source LMS and established a firm-fixed price contract for installation and extensive customization.  This LMS is now being rolled out for use in multiple countries, in multiple languages.



Tech Support Help Desk

In addition to the LMS installation/customization described above, we are also providing ongoing telephone, email, and web site technical support/help desk services.